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Toowoomba, Old 4350


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Meet Michelle


A little about me.

I come from a background of fitness, nutrition and owning small businesses in the hospitality industry. 

Previously I felt trapped in a life that I thought was my passion but it ended up swallowing me up in self doubt, negativity , depression and struggle.

I found myself looking for something that would light me up, something to make ME happy again. I was searching for something I wasn't even sure existed. 

I went on a holiday for my 50th birthday with my husband and discovered Bali. I fell in love with this gorgeous, giving country and knew that it was in my heart to share this place and many more with others who also needed to find themselves again or even just to take a step back, breathe, look around and feel the immense gratitude for yourself and all living beings.

It just felt right to do. 

I am a very organised person and love to plan adventures for myself and others so this new adventure was just perfect!

I now feel excited in my life and can't wait to discover even more magical destinations that will make my heart soar and be able to explore them with like minded people who are looking forward to taking the same journey as me.

I believe in self love, I believe in deserving what I desire, I believe in BEING present, I believe in ease, I believe we are all one and I believe in gratitude and connection.

I also believe in you xx 



Tours and Retreats designed by me for you
Experience the real Bali by fully immersing yourself in the culture and the beautiful people
Relax and turn up knowing that everything is already planned for your amazing holiday
Meet and hang out with other people on the same journey and make life long friends
Relax, eat, love and live again