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Holistic Coaching, Meditation and Wholefood Nutrition                                with Michelle Tong

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Be here now

You may of heard of this before but what does it actually mean?

Meditation is a way of  forgetting about what is happening in our past and present lives, leaving the stress and worries behind and being fully in the present moment. Switch off your auto pilot and find a place of clarity and calmness.

The mind and body are not separate.

What affects one, affects the other.

In our busy lives we are all challenged with decisions on what food choices to eat for health and weight loss, how can we even fit in the exercise that we should be doing and how do we find time for that 'me' time that everyone seems to talk about. 

Let me design a personal program just for you. Together we can find your wholeness so you can live the life that you deserve.

Holistic Coaching is a powerful practice to look at all aspects of a persons life. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 

I can gently guide you from a place of depression, anxiety, fear, lack, self doubt and feeling stuck to a life that is more balanced and fulfilled. 

As everyone is unique, this approach is very personal, so I work on the individuals unique attributes to bring about harmony, wellness and wholeness. 

Holistic Coaching

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Michelle Tong

Sunshine Coast, QLD



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